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About Me


Hello! My name is Dena :)

I first discovered my love for a camera (canon to be specific) in high school when I took photography classes 3 years in a row. After graduating, friends and family continued to ask for my photography services and in 2017, I took a giant leap of faith to open DC Images :) My passion for photography stems from my attribute of always wanting to make others happy… It is so rewarding to deliver photos that bring a smile to my client’s (friend’s) faces. Sometimes they even cry happy tears and that is even better!

To understand a little bit about me, I am an extrovert once I get to know my friends and I frequently use text smiley faces to express that :) I am a morning person but I still need at least one cup of coffee (with cream & sugar please) to comprehend what is happening in life. Some of my Likes include traveling to watch the sun set from all the nook & crannies on Earth, cooking great food and relaxing with a slightly over-poured glass of wine.